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Workplace Investigations

We have extensive experience in conducting independent and neutral workplace investigations which range from dealing with informal complaints to more significant and complex issues that involve highly sensitive claims. With extensive knowledge and experience across HR and Industrial Relations, our team is equipped to provide tailored and thoughtful investigative responses from operational to senior executive and board level. Examples of common investigations are allegations of: 

  • bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace

  • unreasonable management action

  • assault/sexual assault

  • abuse in care

  • fraud

  • poor performance

  • breach of duty of care

  • serious misconduct. 

Allegations such as those listed above can be disruptive to the team and have an adverse effect on business performance, usually causing significant stress for all parties involved. Australian employment law is complex, and it can be easy to make a misstep, resulting in non-compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks. Employers can also be held legally responsible for harassment and bullying in the workplace, so it’s critical to deal with complaints of this nature in the correct manner and as quickly as possible.  

Let us help get to the bottom of your investigation. It’s important to engage an independent HR Consultant to conduct your in-house investigation, as it allows you to separate yourself from the process and helps provide an unbiased decision based on the investigation findings. It’s also critical that the investigative process followed is correct as to avoid legitimate complaints of inadequate action or unfair disciplinary actions. 

We work with you to provide the following workplace investigation services:

  • Conduct interviews with involved parties

  • Conduct interviews with management or any witnesses

  • Consider relevant employment conditions, organisational policies and procedures and provide guidance/recommendations for changes

  • Prepare written/signed statements for involved parties

  • Provide a factual report which identifies our methods used, findings and conclusions, recommendations, and additional observations on matters which could require management in the future. 

  • Recommendations on ‘post-investigation’ support


When issues arise in which an investigation is required, it is crucial that you commence this process as soon as practicable. If not, this could cause further damage to the organisation’s reputation, negatively impact the company’s culture, and could result in further issues. RedSeed understand the urgency when it comes to finding a resolution for our clients, which is why we aim to conduct investigations and provide our findings and recommendations as quickly as possible.

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