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Employment Agreements

Do you have Employment Agreements in place for all your employees? 

Employment Agreements are important as they clearly define every aspect of the employment framework. They provide both the employer and employee clarity as they make conditions and entitlements clearly defined for both parties and help avoid miscommunication and problems from arising in the future. 

Our experienced consultants will work with you to help review, draft, or prepare your employment agreements to ensure you have the correct arrangements in place for all your staff. With an understanding of which Award applies to your employees, our consultants know how to classify your employees correctly and which pay rate should apply depending on their employment type (permanent, temporary, or casual). We’re well versed with understanding penalty rates, leave entitlements, and leave loadings too.  


If you’re not familiar with Human Resources and Fair Work requirements making sure your employment agreements correctly comply can be tough, particularly when obligations may change annually. With RedSeed’s support we can save your organisation time, money and provide peace of mind.

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