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If you have a new employee joining your team, it can be an exciting and sometimes daunting experience; particularly for the new starter who’s entering an unfamiliar environment. To ensure their transition into your organisation is seamless and memorable (for the right reasons!) it is crucial that you have an effective onboarding process established. Afterall, other than the interview, this is your organisation’s opportunity to make a great first impression, reinforcing that they’ve made the right decision to join your company.

An effective onboarding experience commences once the hire is made - not on their first day. There is nothing worse than being ill-prepared and your new started twiddling their thumbs with no direction. 

If you are engaging new people on a work from home basis, a good onboarding process is even more important.

RedSeed’s consultants have the knowledge and experience to prepare your organisation with an onboarding experience that will put your company on its best foot forward. We will work with you to ensure you have the appropriate documentation, processes, and practices in place, allowing you to apply these solutions to all future recruitments.

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