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Developing Performance Frameworks

If you need assistance developing performance frameworks, you’ve come to the right place! RedSeed’s experienced consultants are highly skilled in developing or reviewing your organisations Position Descriptions, Position Outcomes, and Performance Reviews frameworks. 

We also provide Executive and Management coaching for individual performance development and support.

Position Descriptions

For your employees, Position Descriptions help establish the roadmap to success. Unlike Employment Agreements which address salary, work conditions etc. the Position Description provides the employee a more detailed breakdown or their role. Position Descriptions should be clear, concise, and effectively reflect the role’s purpose, main responsibilities, and measurements of performance. As the employer, Position Descriptions are valuable as they provide an impartial, authoritative source for resolving queries, reducing the likelihood of escalation to disputes, and arguments. Position Descriptions also make it easier for employers to identify gaps in their employee’s skills or knowledge. This provides an opportunity to discuss and arrange necessary training – ultimately building rapport and helping your staff achieve their best!

Position Outcomes

Our Position Descriptions will include defined position outcomes as these are an important tool in driving individual and team performance outcomes, as well as assisting with managing underperformance.  Ensuring that your people know what great performance looks like is the first step in achieving the organisation’s desired outcomes.

Performance Reviews

Regular Performance Reviews are incredibly important to both you as the employer, and your staff. Employee performance management promotes a shared understanding of what is to be expected of your staff to help achieve business goals. As an employer, they help ensure that your employees are consistently performing to their agreed roles and responsibilities, as established in their Position Descriptions. 

Regular reviews provide employers with a great opportunity to share feedback with their team – whether it’s highlighting excellent contributions, noting areas for improvement, or outlining opportunities for career growth by setting performance and development goals for the months ahead. This in turn can improve employee engagement as it encourages and identifies areas for personal development, making them feel like they are an important part of your business.


Performance reviews also open the lines of communication between employees and managers. This can help build relationships whilst also providing an opportunity for employees to voice any of their concerns. This platform can help the employer identify issues such as employee dissatisfaction, or any personal problems that may impact the employee’s ability to perform at work. If handled correctly, this will ultimately help employers mitigate these concerns from escalating in the future. 


It is important that all performance reviews are effectively documented so you can protect yourself if issues arise in the future. If not effectively managed, poor performance can lead to negative impacts for your business. Some of these negative impacts could include reduced productivity, disruption with other staff, and increased staff turnover. 

We also offer 360 Performance Reviews that collect feedback from managers, peers, and stakeholders.


Not confident that your performance management frameworks are meeting the mark? Contact RedSeed’s experienced consultants and receive a full review on your current practices as well as a tailored recommendation to ensure you’re fully equipped to tackle performance management in the future.

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